Super Connected
Fibre to the Home or Office (FTTX)

Customers can enjoy seamless experience, whenever and wherever. With WOW Solutions, people can make the most of the following digital lifestyle in a safe and secure manner through FTTX:

    • High speed Broadband packages – enjoy lightning fast, uninterrupted internet access
    • Wired Land line Services – stay in touch more easily with those that really matter to you
    • Wi-Fi Hotspot access – surf the internet while out and about
    • Wired Intercom Services – stay in control of your own personal world
    • CCTV – helps you with making your environment safe and secure

We make it simple….

We connect a single fiber that enables the provisions of many services (Voice, Video Data, Analog Cable TV, CCTV, DTH, Intercom etc) so that our customers can enjoy…

    • Structured cabling system
    • Easy to manage wiring system
    • Moving services from one room to other quickly and without breaking and wiring
    • No multiple cables entering into the flat
    • Switch from one service provider to another without changing any equipment


So what are the benefits…

    • No messy cabling
    • Scalable options in future
    • Lower Maintenance cost
    • Offers home buyers with increased resale value
    • Offers builders a competitive marketing advantage